Program Contributions

  • The SWCRC participated in the selection of Cope proso millet that was released in 1978.
  • Cahone pinto bean was developed and released in 1982. The release was a joint effort of the SWCRC and the San Juan Basin Research Association to find resistance to bean root rot. Cahone has replaced San Juan Select as the principal pinto bean in southwestern Colorado. 
  • Research at the Arriola farm from 1972 to 1982 played a major role in the on-farm irrigation design of the Dolores Project and gathered economic data to assist the conversion from dryland to irrigated farming. 
  • In 1986, a report entitled “Economic Aspects of Utilizing Dolores Project Irrigation Water in Southwest Colorado” by R. Mann, A. G. Fisher, and R. A. Young was published. Incorporated into the report are crop budgets and a linear programming model for farming under the Dolores Project. 
  • Fairview hard red winter wheat was released in 1992. Fairview is a dwarf bunt resistant wheat that in four years of testing had an 8% yield advantage over winter wheats grown in the area. 
  • Fisher dryland pinto bean was released in 1994. The yield of Fisher exceeded that of Cahone by 13% in six years of testing at Yellow Jacket. Fisher has excellent seed size and color and is a few days earlier than Cahone. It was named in honor of Adrian Fisher, former Superintendent of the Southwestern Colorado Research Center. 
  • Sylvan hard red spring wheat was released in 1994. It has excellent test weight, bread-making quality, and yield potential. It averaged 115 bu/a over five years of testing under irrigation at Yellow Jacket, CO. Sylvan is a joint release with the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station.
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